Sponsoring and Recruiting is tough without a steady flow of mlm leads huh?

If you are anything like me, you have experienced the cold feeling of looking into your Aweber autoresponder each day to see a ‘binary code’ lead flow of zero, one, zero, zero, one, zero, one, zero, one, one, zero. It’s funny to say but it’s also a very painful reality for the majority of network marketers who are building a home business.

Consistent mlm leads are the lifeblood to any network marketing business.

Brian Cain’s MLM LEADS Traffic and Conversion Solution!

(yes, I will discuss how to make your first sale online and even multiply your results)

Let me share a quick story…

I used to literally spend multiple $1,000’s with different solo ad providers that used to drive all types of freebie seeker traffic, and traffic that has been beat up by hundreds of other hungry marketers (most even marketing my same product line).

Can you relate to something like that?

…or maybe you are like I was when I first started trying to get my first lead a little over 2 years ago now when I would sit in front of my computer late at night with tears flowing down my eyes because I’d put in hours and hours of work and training for months at a time, and still fail to even MAKE THE FIRST SALE ONLINE…

I was really desperate to even see just one commission go through.

I knew this online marketing stuff had worked, but I just couldn’t crack the code if my life even depended on it since it seemed like no one wanted to just pull out the credit card and buy a product that I was selling.


People started buying from me like crazy!

It almost didn’t make any sense, until I realized what I did differently.

Before I share EXACTLY what had changed…

Take a look at my most recent “mlm leads” flow from the past 30 days:

14-02-06 Aweber (BC) Leads

(what does your mlm leads autoresponder look like?)

Now, while I’m not a guru who generates 100’s of mlm leads daily…

I accidentally discovered a little known secret about turning a consistent 5-30 mlm leads a day into red hot buyers who can’t seem to hand over their credit cards fast enough.

Here’s what that secret is…

You must find a highly targeted audience that WANTS TO BUY what you have to offer before they even become a lead on your list. Sounds simple, but the biggest hang up is that most newbie marketers don’t know where to find this hidden well of buyers.

(I almost didn’t even write this blog post today… just to keep it a secret)


I have an abundance mentality and I finally, after years, have found a legitimate mlm leads provider that helps you generate leads into your own sales funnel. The cool part is that because of his network, he can support leads for literally 10,000’s of network marketers.

Here’s the difference between someone like this provider and other ones where I have generated 1000’s of leads to have almost zero sales…

His source of mlm leads traffic specifically wants to “work from home.”

This is very important to know so that you can speak their language just as I teach all of my personal network marketing downline members looking to go from zero to hero.

Additionally, most of these individuals are not familiar with network marketing and they are not on multiple marketers list because of being resold a gazillion times; they simply just want to work from home.

The ONLY ‘not-so-great’ part is that they may be looking for a job instead of a business, which is ok because this provider specifically teaches a simple marketing trick to frame your network marketing opportunity so that they buy that day on the spot.


…and we can take this a step farther to ‘create new sales on demand’…

My AutoPilot Traffic Brian Cain Banner

(Enrique Garibay, my traffic provider even featured me on his mlm leads website)

Are you ready for me to map out how you close your first sale online?


So here’s the plan for you to make your FIRST SALE within the next 30 days.

(…if not the first 24-48 hours…)


#1 – Click Here to Purchase 550 clicks of “My AutoPilot Traffic” like I do!

*Don’t deviate from the plan. If you want the same results I am getting, then you must play at the same level that I am playing at to have a consistent lead flow daily.

#2 – Collect a Name, E-mail, and a Phone number on a capture page that redirects your mlm leads to a sales video that gives them an opportunity to buy on the spot.

*Side note: If you purchase directly from my link above and send me a message on Facebook that you purchased with my link, I will send you a BONUS video for free sharing my secret personally created AWEBER capture form that converts at over 60% which will make you even more sales doing it right the first time around.

#3 – Call the mlm leads that opt in to your personal list because they will have seen the sales video and usually want to know that someone is on the other side of the computer willing to support them as they make the leap of faith onto your team.

* Now while, I built my whole business in the past without using the phone because I have sent enough buyer traffic to a sales video that would sell for me. I never realized at how much money I was leaving on the table because I didn’t reach out to leads I was personally generating and were already on my list looking to buy from me.


Do you think you could make ‘some’ sales with this game plan?

…I would highly believe that answer to be “Yes”…

Brian Cain’s Testimonial for MLMLEADS

(make sure to purchase through my link to see my Aweber capture form)


I just want to stress that I am consistently getting over 60% conversions with the mlm leads traffic where I am collecting a name, e-mail, and phone number.

I have never seen or experienced anything like that before.

Usually with other providers, I just get about a 20%-40% opt in rate where I only collect e-mail addresses and they end up being freebie seekers anyways. Maybe you have been around the block and know exactly what I am talking about.

(it pays phenomenally to not to work with ‘cheap’ providers)

For the price of these PREMIUM clicks, it beats running a 1000 click solo ad that doesn’t work all day long. This is one of those times, you’ll love buying mlm leads like this!


—> Click HERE now to Purchase 550 Clicks and get Brian Cain’s Bonus video!

^BONUS: buy through this link and I’ll be more than happy to share the EXACT page with you that gets me over 60% conversions too! (send me a PM on Facebook when you do)

note: this offer may disappear if slots fill up, get a package while you still can.





Keep it Real,


Brian Cain

Brian Cain

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The College Conspiracy FULL DOCUMENTARY! – Scary huh?

I have been preaching this for the longest time!

Each and everyday more mindless zombies are created. You’ve got hard working graduates with degrees that still can’t climb out of debt after 20 years of following the college system. While on the other hand, you have smart teenagers in cell stores who profit more in commissions all without a college degree (or any debt).

The College system is flawed and life is backwards. When you grab a bag of popcorn and watch this revealing documentary, you will discover the TRUTH behind the shenanigans that the government and unethical politicians have been hiding for many decades.


(Don’t forget to share on Facebook and EXPOSE this important message)



*btw, all credits go to NIA for the video


As you are watching this documentary…

Here are some ideas to have in the back of your mind:

-The average college student graduates with $24,000 in debt (all before interest rates hit).

-Student loans do NOT go away when you file bankruptcy

-The majority of individuals who earn more than $10,000 per month did NOT go to college or leverage a college degree even if they did.

-Job wages will stay the same or around the same pay bracket while the cost of living sky rockets due to inflation leaving college degrees obsolete.

-There is a substantial amount a “baby boomers” with college degrees that have had 401k’s turn into 201k’s and so they now find themselves working at places like Wal-Mart.

-Only about 27% of college graduates ACTUALLY use their degree, and most end up still failing to reach retirement status by the age of 65.

-The accepted Rule of thumb is to graduate. Then proceed to go to work for 40 hours a week, for 40 years, to retire on 40% of what you couldn’t live on in the first place.

-The middle class is disappearing, and most of those still in the middle class still fight huge financial battles to maintain their lifestyle on their journey to get out of debt.

-Tax laws and advantages are NOT written in the favor of working “employees.”



(make sure to Bookmark for later viewing)





Keep it Real,


Brian Cain

Brian Cain

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A New Perspective for Moms – Inspirational!

I saw this video, it struck my heart, and I just had to share this today.

Even though I’m not a mother, or even female, this video caught my attention. The message of this video is so much more than just about helping mothers realize how much they are appreciated by their children. When you really think about it, this video literally proves that taking on a more positive perspective of life can change your whole world!

What Kids Say about their Moms AND Reactions


(Believe you are doing something great and others LOVE YOU for it)


^Make Sure to SHARE this video with mothers you know
*credits go to elevation church for the video


Also, Leave a comment below…





Keep it Real,


Brian Cain

Brian Cain

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How to become a BLOG BEAST bad ass….

Have you ever wanted to become A blog beast bad ass?

Well tonight Myself and some other friends will Be discussing some “Secret” NINJA  Tactics that will allow you to FINALLY Make the kind of MULA you’ve always Wanted. My friends will also be sharing Their successes, struggles, and what it took For them to help them succeed online.  Along with giving some MASSIVE VALUE so you Can take action on living your dreams.

We START OUR LIVE-STREAM tonight (11/6/2013) @ 9pm EST sharp!


(You’ll love hanging out with our online family)


For a very limited time,

you may hit the button below and get started for less than a tank of gas.






Keep it Real,


Brian Cain

Brian Cain

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The TRUTH Behind Multiple Streams of Income in Business

Have you ever heard that you need multiple streams of income for security?

When most people hear this term for the first time, they understand that this is a much better way to create financial security than it is to earn one stream of income. However, most people don’t quite understand how to implement this wealth building concept effectively.

In this article, you will understand exactly what multiple streams of income is and how to implement this wealth building concept in a way that makes sense for you.

Multiple Streams of Income

Multiple Streams of Income

Multiple Streams of Income

(These ladies and gentlemen successfully implement multiple streams of income)

Before I get into the LIFE-CHANGING details…

…let me share with you how I used to earn money before…

Back in my junior year of high school, I got my first job as a legal office assistant. This was a pretty cool job to have in high school because it was the same fast food type of job that the rest of my friends had.

I actually worked my way up to $14/hr where I was making more per hour than most of my personal friends at the time, but I quickly realized how much more money was out there in the world. You might have already realized that by now.

Aside from not being able to make a lot of money trading time for money, I also learned the hard way that a job income really doesn’t equal security.

I could see it coming.

When my boss said that “we need to talk in the office,” I knew that my time there was probably going to be at its end. I was right. As soon as I walked into the office, he mentioned that the workload was slower and that he had to let me go.

(…he wanted to hire someone else for less money per hour)

Getting the short-end of the stick at a job that I spent 3 loyal years of my life helped me understand that job security is a joke. Now even though I was ‘just a office assistant,’ I knew that a similar situation could happen to any person at anytime.


Think about it…

How do you ever make money in your life?

You simply have to get someone else who has money to give it to you. Most people who have steady jobs have a boss or a company that will cut them a paycheck.

…Earning money like this means that ONE entity is responsible for ALL of your income!

The moment that you are no longer needed, the company experiences the need to cut back, someone else takes your position, your boss just doesn’t want you around anymore, or any other reason that results in the termination of your position…

You quickly realize that your income was never secure in the first place.

This is where the idea of creating multiple streams of income is born!

The reality is that if you want a secure income,

You have got to have LOTS of different entities always giving you money.

This will mean that if for some odd reason one entity stops giving you money, then everything is ok because you have other entities still giving you money. Make sense?

You want your income to be coming in from a lot of different sources so that the decision of one single entity does not dictate and change your circumstances.

Essentially, you always maintain the power of your life and income.

Multiple Streams of Income – Ideas

Building multiple streams of income online is a great idea!


Most people don’t apply this concept in a way that benefits them the most.

I’ll explain.

When it comes to building multiple streams of income online, most people will usually go with some awesome online programs where they have a chance to sell valuable products and also build a team of people who sell valuable products.

This popular income strategy is usually based off the network marketing model.

I love this model, and it is very effective. In fact, this is the same model of creating an income that I have personally used to retire myself from the corporate world forever as a 21 year old kid. The model is simple brilliant!

Most people are good up until this point.

Here is where the mistakes begin…

Most people believe that building multiple streams of income through network marketing means jumping in multiple deals where they try to build multiple deals all at the same time.

Can it work?


Is it reasonable?


Here’s why…

Most people who are trying to build multiple streams of income like this have absolutely no idea how to influence people to buy stuff. So not only do they struggle with creating one single income, but they don’t realize that people will refuse to follow their leadership if they have not proven their value and look like a peddler in the marketplace.

It’s counter productive.

Here’s my suggestion…

If you are looking to build multiple streams of income within the network marketing arena, just pick one good deal and only build that one program.

You might be wondering how that is multiple streams of income, right?

Well think about it.

Where is your income really coming from when you are selling products?

Customers, right?

The reason why I love network marketing and being an entrepreneur is because you can control your income based off of customer sales. This means that your income comes from multiple entities who are continuously buying products from you.

If one customer stops deciding to give you money, it’s ok because you can have lots of other customers who are still giving you money. This is a very important concept!

If you missed it, then back up and re-read again!

In Network Marketing, multiple streams of income is built in by the very design of the model which is why I love it so much. This is also why I am someone who does not jump from shiny object to shiny object.

I ONLY build one single network marketing company which you can find here.

Trust me on this; you have multiple streams of income just by building one network marketing company. You don’t have to have multiple companies in order to successfully implement multiple streams of income.

In fact if you try doing multiple things at once, it may be counter productive.

As an entrepreneur, just pick one good opportunity where you can acquire multiple customers and focus all of your creative time and effort building your own empire.

Multiple Streams of Income – Passive Income

(Watch this video from more ideas on multiple streams of income)

Multiple streams of income is not the only wealth building concept around.

There are many others like earning passive residual income, earning an income detached from time, creating more than 24 hours in the day by working less, etc.

It’s a big shift in the way that you think.

Discovering all of these wealth building concepts for your self is well worth doing a little bit more research. It’s all about growing just a little bit more each day.

I used to be the kid who dropped out of college twice with 5 F’s and 5 W’s, couldn’t make more than $14/hr at a traditional job, and was almost killed in an unnecessary motorcycle accident.

Now I enjoy the freedoms of being able to travel the world and live life on my own terms.

This is because I know what most people will never know about making money.

If you would like to discover how you can implement wealth building strategies like multiple streams of income to drastically change your life forever over the next 60 days, click the link below and fill out the form now.

>>> Click here to successfully implement building multiple streams of income!





Keep it Real,


Brian Cain

Brian Cain

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How Tuesday is the BEST day of the week – Seriously!

Would you agree that Tuesday is the best day of the week too?

Most people don’t like waking up to the sound of the alarm clock going off. The fact of the matter is that Tuesday happens to be a very busy day for loyal employees and college students who have to start their day early. Most people dislike Tuesdays for this reason, but it happens to be one of my favorite days of the week.

In this article, you are going to understand EXACTLY why Tuesday is the best day of the week and how you can experience the same feelings too.

Tuesday is The Best Day of the Week

Tuesday is the best day of the week

Tuesday is the best day of the week

(One of the best days to go to an amusement park too!)

At my last job BEFORE I WAS FREE…

I remember when I would have to wake up at 6:30am in the morning just to put my business casual clothes on. Being the person that likes to sleep in, it would be a battle to get out of the house on time to begin my journey to work.

I never knew that so much traffic could exist.

It was a huge wake up call when I started experiencing what it is truly like to be involved in rush hour traffic with my Honda every single day of the week, except for Sundays. I’d just have to pop in a favorite song and deal with it.

Not quite sure if you can relate to that…

Then after showing up a minute late, I would be called into ‘the office’ so that I could be written up for not showing up on time. Did I mention I was the top producer there?

I can vividly remember at this telemarketing gig, what it would be like talking to unhappy homeowners trying to pre-frame next day solar sales. It felt like apart of my soul was being sucked dry, day by day.

Just when I would be ready to clock out, my bosses would begin to start pushing me to come back in on Tuesday Nights to start calling homeowners who weren’t available in the morning.

It was as if my former employer had me in shackles.

Maybe you can understand why I never used to like Tuesdays either…

Tuesday is The Best Day of the Week – EVER!

I’m glad that’s all in the past now.

Let me share with you on why I have a new perspective on Tuesday!

Where I used to wake up in the morning at 6:30am, I now have the ability to sleep in as late as I would like. I could even wake up at 3pm in the afternoon if I choose.


Because I have set myself free from the corporate world.

Here’s what I have noticed…

The best time to go to the grocery store, go to the gym, run errands, and go to amusement parks is right in the morning or middle of the afternoon on a Tuesday.

The roads and stores are clear because everyone else is still slaving away at a job.

My point is…

Tuesday is the best day of the week when you have the freedom to detach from the matrix and not get caught up in the exhausting rat race. Did I mention this is also a phenomenal day to go to an amusement park?

The TRUTH of the matter is that most people will never understand how to be free.

Honestly, it’s just a small shift in the way that you live life.

For example, one small shift that you can make is to figure out how you can begin creating a passive income stream into your life right now. This means having an income that hits your bank account over and over again from work that you do one time.

Most people call this movie star money because they see someone like Seinfeld film a TV series once, and get paid over and over each time it airs decades later. This could also be like how you pay your cell phone bill over and over again while your cell phone provider only had to acquire you as a customer once.

This type of income does not come in directly trading time for money.

You only have 24 hours in the day, and so the smartest move that can be made is to start implementing ways to earn this passive income detached from time so that you can still live your life too.

There is nothing like the feeling where “Tuesday is the best day of the week” because you can do what you want, when you want, however it is you choose – while other people are busy working and there is next to no busy traffic.

It’s actually pretty simple to do with a small shift in the way you think.

Tuesday is The Best Day of the Week – Blog!

(Watch this video to discover why Tuesday is the best day of the week)

Because I dropped out of college twice…

…My best paying corporate job at the time was only $14/hr…

I really didn’t want to go back to college for a third time or join the military. It felt like those were my only options since I really didn’t have any skill sets or experience.

I had to take on a new way of thinking. This is about the time I started looking on the internet for alternative options that could get me through in life. There wasn’t really anything that seemed like it would work.

However, I found one thing that did.

I discovered that you could literally start blogging on the internet building up a steady flow of traffic to your website. You could then take this traffic and sell products that they wanted and profit from those commissions.

What caught my attention was that you could actually do the work once and get paid on your blogging efforts over and over again. It really doesn’t take that much time to write an article every single day or shoot a video, but it gets crazy when you wake up to see commissions being deposited into your bank account from articles you wrote 2 years ago.

Anyone can blog or shoot videos everyday in the cracks of their time.

It only makes sense if you want to have a guaranteed way to retire early from the corporate world like I did as a 21 year old kid back in May 2012.

I just want to note that it’s only guaranteed if you literally blog every day until you get the results you want. You can only profit from successfully following a formula that works.

Doesn’t that make more sense then slaving in the corporate world to maybe be one of the 90% who fail at retiring before the age of 65, then finding your self greeting people at Wal-Mart on a Tuesday afternoon?

Yeah, it’s time to work smarter not harder my friend.

If you would truly like to experience how Tuesday is the best day of the week, now is the time to click the link below to discover my simple 3 step formula for passive income.

>>> Click Here to experience how Tuesday is the best day of the week!





Keep it Real,


Brian Cain

Brian Cain

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Develop Good Study Habits for Best Results in Life!

Picking up good study habits will make life easier!

How you do anything is how you do everything. This was one of the biggest concepts that I had to get beaten into me. Being one of the former biggest procrastinators on the planet, it wasn’t an easy shift for me. However, it was one of the best commitments of my life to start following certain daily routines.

By reading this article, I will share with you some specific good study habits that will help you get better results in life if you start implementing them today!

Good Study Habits

good study habits

good study habits

(These group of individuals have good study habits and great results)

Maybe you can relate to me…

Back in traditional school, especially high school, I was someone that always did my work at the last minute. I missed so many days of school to stay home to finish late projects that the truant officer almost showed up at my doorstep.

In order to get passing grades (I took AP classes), I would have to get very creative with completing assignments and making the teacher feel like I did the work.

In fact, I remember one time I saw the pile of ungraded essays stacking up day by day on one of my teacher’s desk. When I saw this while we had to write an essay (where I didn’t even open the book), I decided to literally scribble on the page. I made it look like it was just poor hand-writing that happened to be non-legible, and I still got a good grade.

This was hilarious to me.

I became the master at passing classes without really doing the work.

This might be one of the reasons why I am psychologically unemployable, but that’s another story. I’m always taking the easiest & simplest path to success, which actually is the best thing to do if you blog on the internet too.

Even though I was passing my classes, there was a consequence.

I became so lazy that it would become one of the most difficult habits for me to break. I would sleep in late, show up late, procrastinate on any work, make excuses to stall longer from working, etc. It’s cool if you want to slip by, but not cool if you want to excel and be truly valuable in the marketplace.

When I gained my first taste of time freedom when I retired myself from the corporate world just from doing these silly blog posts on the internet, I would literally wake up at 3pm in the afternoon on a daily basis. Not a great habit to have if you want to expand your value by keep learning, staying productive, and still having fun throughout the day.

I knew it was time to start changing these not so good study habits.

Good Study Habits – List

I decided to start training myself on self management skills.

One of the BEST things that I ever did…

…was that I found an accountability partner…

Because my habits were so wired into me, I decided to move to another state just to room with my accountability partner. I knew this was going to be a bullet-proof way to retrain myself into developing new good study habits.

Here’s what happened,

Where I was waking up at 3pm in the late afternoon, I now started waking up at 8:30am in the morning. Not only did I start waking up over 5 hours earlier, but I was now able to knock out my gym workout, income producing blogging activities, and get in my own reading and personal study all before 2pm.

This was crazy to me.

I would literally have all my work and learning done before the time I used to wake up in the past. Finding an accountability partner was the single biggest factor in me being able to change the habits that I had.

Now while you don’t have to move in with your accountability partner, it is always great to find someone who has the same motivation as you to improve on your goals and start becoming more productive.

Aside from finding an accountability partner and just waking up earlier

There are some small changes that have also made a huge difference.

Consuming food with more nutrition has helped me have more energy and the drive to want to follow through on my production goals. For instance, I did a juice fast for a whole month and felt awesome the whole time.

The very first day that I had pizza after the fast, I woke up like a zombie even after 8 hours of sleep. It was at this point I realized just how big nutrition is when it comes to personal drive.

I also would begin to write everything down in a check list format that I would want to get done throughout the day. I would force myself to check each item off the list otherwise I wouldn’t be able to go to sleep.

I noticed that my desire to become more productive would increase drastically. I think the biggest reason for this was just how good it felt as I would check an item off from the list. It makes you feel like you accomplish so much more and it’s a great personal recognition system.

When I truly discovered just how activities like reading and listening to audios on a daily basis could drastically increase your value and ultimately your bank account, I was forced to figure out how I could get more personal study time in.

Thankfully, I realized the power of “good study habits” early on before it was too late.

Good Study Habits – College

(Watch this video for more good study habits insights)

I dropped out of college twice.

I literally had 5 F’s and 5 W’s before I could even finish one semester.

Today, I have actually been retired successfully from the corporate world since May 2012 and I will not have to punch a time clock ever again. I have personal freedoms that allow me to travel all across the world, hang out with friends and family at anytime I choose, and sleep in late if I really desired too.

Here’s what I realized that most people never will – Your education is super important when it comes to living a more abundant filled life. College is not the only place to get an education, and I really don’t recommend it either for reasons meant for another post.

The TRUTH of the matter is that there are lucrative skill sets in this world that if you could just spend some time developing them. Most people will never know what these skill sets are, or take the time to study and develop them even if they did know.

I’m the type of person who will take the easiest path available. In my opinion, it’s easier to spend time studying and learning some of the most lucrative skill sets that will help you be free now versus working until the age of 65, where most people still don’t retire.

I choose to work smarter, not harder.

I choose to be smart about my education and take it very seriously.

If you want good study habits that will eventually take you to total freedom, then start improving the motivation behind why you are learning by clicking the link below now!

>>> Click here to start developing LUCRATIVE good study habits today!





Keep it Real,


Brian Cain

Brian Cain

Join the “Work from Home” Movement

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