You might have been browsing around on Craigslist or maybe ran into someone through social media, and you came across the information for Email Processing 4 Cash. Now you are doing your research to figure out if this is really a good opportunity for you to work part or even full time from home instead of having to grind it out at a job. In today’s post I will give you my honest (and possibly controversial) opinion of Email Processing 4 Cash and what your next action should be.

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The Truth behind Email Processing for Cash

For those of you that know me or have seen my reviews in the past, you’ll know that I am very open and support the concept of working from home. I am open and support what network marketing, affiliate marketing, and internet marketing opportunities have been able to do for the average person who doesn’t fully align with the corporate world. It’s an awesome place to bring the elements of time and money together.

However, there has been one opportunity that has already been pitched to me like 6 times in the last couple of hours. Yes, this opportunity being pitched to me is Email Processing 4 Cash. I support the growth of all new opportunities that arise because most of them are solid with great intentions.

I’m not quite sure I can say the same for Email Processing 4 Cash

There is just no substance.

Long Story short, you buy a system that tells you how to market only that system. You are not actually buying a product or service. Yes, we all know that a product or service can even be in the form of an informational product, but that isn’t even offered here.

It’s just a way to move money around for the next couple of months until it gets shut down for not having any real products or any substance.


On the Email Processing 4 Cash website, it says that when you buy, you will get:

“–3 Pre-written ads. (The same ads that I personally use to this day)

–The 3 Cities that you will post your ads in everyday

–Step by Step Instructions on how to get started

–The option to purchase a site just like this one”

^That’s ALL you get! Do you realize that’s not a product? It’s just a platform without any real products or services that allows you to collect $25 if you send out the same page.


Not let’s move on assuming there was a real product or service…

Why Me and the Furry Hat Guy Decided NOT to Join Email Processing 4 Cash

If you are using Craigslist to post ads, you’ll find that a bulk of your traffic actually comes from the higher traffic cities (not going into a CL training here) in the job section. This means that you will have to pay $25 to post your ad. Yes, you will want to pay the $25 because that is how I went from 17 clicks to 1,700 clicks on to my ad. With that many clicks, you can get people to just buy stuff. It’s a numbers game.

The issue here is that you are spending $25 in advertising (on Craigslist) to get $25. Hey, you might convert more payments or you might not get anything. My point here is that the ROI (return on investment) is very miniscule because it is a one time payment. If it was a $25 monthly payment that you earned every month, then you could work your butt off so you have a solid residual income and can create what is known as time freedom for yourself by cancelling out your total monthly expenses. Make sense?

Overall… I would just say it’s a no go on Email Processing 4 Cash.

(Just to be clear, you are not getting paid for sending out emails. You are getting paid every time someone pays you $25 since you referred them to Email Processing 4 Cash)

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Keep it Real,


Brian Cain

Brian Cain

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